Cesis, Latvia

Cesis is one of the most beautiful villages in Latvia. You can arrive easily from Riga by car or by bus, and there are some trains everyday as well.

The village is really beautiful in autumn. If you came before all the leaves fall down you can see red, gold, orange colours everywhere.

In the middle of the village there is a nice Church. It seems that it’s nice to pay the 2€ to go in… You can go up to the clock! And there is a famous castle that is a really nice experience. They give you a candle to go into the towers, because you really need it!

There are a few nice bars in Riga iela (main road in the center) and in Skola iela, like Mala’s.

If you want to skip touristic places you can cross the train line and continue walking. There are a few nice places hidden! Like one nice lake, just 20 min far from the train station.

Cesis, Latvia




The hill of crosses. Lithuania.

Stoning place! it’s smaller that the hill that you could imagine…but it’s worth it to drive till Lithuania if you are around Latvia.

It’s a place like you can predict, but once you are in it’s better. !There are hundred of thousands of crosses! You can buy yours just when you park and go in. They are from 1€.

If you want to eat something I could recommend the first restaurant that you will find from the border. Nice people, nice place and good food. We ate a proper lunch for 40€ the two of us.

Take your camera and don’t forget the gloves and hats if you go in autumn or winter!



Ethnographic open air museum of Riga

This is a visit that you cannot miss if you come to Riga. The Ethnographic open museum is a few kilometers far from the city center but it’s too easy to arrive there. Just take the bus number 1 from one of the most central streets in the capital and you will arrive in an hour.

The museum is in a forest and while you would be walking you could visit the 180 houses that are exhibited there.

There is a shop, toilettes and a cantinela at the beginning. If you know that it’s going to be raining don’t forget the umbrella and a good pair of waterproof shoes!

Take you time. The visit could be around 3 hours!

Abgunste manor house. Latvia

Abgunste manor house is one of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen. The young couple who are running the place have a very good taste and a lot of illusion and interest of making something special.

The house has a important cultural background. It was a school as well and now they are rebuilding and renovating the rooms.

Excellent place for meetings, art workshops or weddings!

If you come to Riga you should go and see the beauty of this delicate scenary.


Hare Krishna restaurant in Riga

This is an excellent opportunity to try vegetarian food for those that are not used to avoid meat and a good place for the ones that enjoy it.

It’s cheap and delicious! they have a variety of soups, vegetal cakes, rices, samosas… I ordered one pumpkin soup and a cabbage cake. Both very tasty, healthy and for 2.7€!

There are many sweet options as well and you can drink a Yoggi tea for 0.75!

Rama 1

Latvia, Krišjāņa Barona iela 56, Rīga, LV-1011